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Friday, December 29, 2006

A new home

I think Alexis and I are finally feeling like this house is really our house. I think the main reason is that we find our selves being totally content to be home alone. While we love to host people and we love entertaining, sometimes after a long week, it is just nice to be at home and do whatever you want. I find this particularly true with my new job, I’m dealing with people, customers, manager, all kinds of people in all kinds of positions all day, everyday.

The best part of this situation is that when we have people over or we go to a friend's house it is so much more fun and entertaining than ever before, a lot higher quality. Last night, in our young adults group, Sarah spoke about the twelve life lessons that God gave her this past year. One of them dealt with the idea that we do not have to be people pleasers, or buddy’s to everyone and their brother, even Jesus was close to just a few. Now I have “known” this but I didn’t really know it, because I still found myself affected by people when something wasn’t right, or, God forbid, they were upset with me. You know what, I just can’t please everyone, and others make the choice to be upset, as long as I do my part to always move towards resolution, that’s my responsibility, if they don’t choose to, it isn’t my job to make it right.

So, I am so glad that we have this place, it is a huge blessing, at times it seems like way to much, but times like tonight, I am so at peace and love God for it.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Getting closer...

Hey the dust is settling! I finally have all my pictures uploaded again! A few may be missing or out of place, but things are looky like home again. WELCOME BACK!


Hey! Guess what? I'm feeling motivated to finally fix this place up and start blogging on a truly regular basis again! :) I promise (with the exception that real life does trump blogging at times).

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I am slowly getting things back to normal, we have Internet at our house now! So, I'll be bringing my pictures back online and soon we'll have wedding pictures too! Also I hope to actually blog a lot more when all of the projects around the house are finished, just a couple more to go.

In the meantime don't forgot to be thankful for all the little things that God does. You're alive, you have internet access, that's a lot more than some people...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Big Update.

Not so big as in words... just as in life changes.

I got a new job at Cyclone Computers. It's a lot of fun and challenging, hoping that I'll have more client work soon. Due to getting a new job Alexis and I also found a new townhouse that we are renting, it's amazing, a total blessing. So, stability has come... now we just want to feel settled. We finally will have our own bed to sleep on this Sunday! Yippy

Saturday, October 21, 2006

I just want stability

I just want stability. I want a real bed to share with my real bride. I want a toilet lid that I can accidently leave up (because 80% of the time I don't) and have my bride "chit chat" about to me. I want to be annoyed that our cats are making a mess at the litter box. I want, I want, I want. I don't have. I don't need. I have Christ and Christ alone.

There is light at the end of this tunnel though. I had two interviews this past week, and on Monday I have two more. Praise God Almighty.

Lord, I thank you for this life, I thank you for an amazing church family, I praise you for all of your blessings. I thank you for your friendship, and I love you more everyday, even when I don't have what I want, but I do have what I need and that is why your love endures. Praise be unto you forever and forever.


Friday, October 13, 2006

I am alive.

I alive. Alive and well. Got turned down from another job interview though. However they are creating a second position that, God willing, I'll get, the guy who interviewed me said I was the top candidate for this "Technical Engineer 2" position. I hope so, it would be perfect, there are a few other oppurtunities I'm looking at and have applied for, but right now I'm not sure that they are the best. Keep praying, and I will be on here more full time as soon as Alexis and I settle down into our own place in Gresham, Oregon! AMEN.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another update.

It seems that all I do are “updates” now… with living at my parents house Alexis and I find ourselves not doing anything regular, including getting on the Internet for relax time. Anyway, the update. Well, I didn’t get the job that I interviewed for a few weeks ago for, they called me the same day, which was very nice… sorry I didn’t say anything, been really busy. But, I just got a call today asking for another interview with an Educational Service District (that would be the people that provide special services to school districts, including technical support) for the NW Regional ESD in the Portland area. This is good! Because I have worked as a Network Administrator for a school district in the Seattle area for just about ever… I love it, and I would love this job too, I just know it. So please keep this in your prayers.

As for the rest of life… Alexis and I applied for an apartment; I know a bit backwards you say? Yeah we don’t have jobs in Portland, but we might get an apartment… God does stuff like that and it works… Go figure. This apartment is the exact one we have been (admittedly) coveting for about a year, maybe coveting is not exactly right, but I know at times our hearts were near coveting… It’s a townhouse, with two bedrooms, washer/dryer, 1.5 baths, and a large living/dining area and decent kitchen, it’s perfect for where we are in life right now. So if God wants us to have it, he’ll make it happen and we will be moving in Oct 30th.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Quick update.

Okay. So a quick summary of our trip and were we are now.

Wedding Day July 9th.
Got Married
Took a limo to the Alexis Hotel

July 10th
Took a town car to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Took a plane to Chicago
Took another plane to Frankfurt, Germany

At some point it became July 11th
Took another place to Venice, Italy
Took a "Bus Boat" through Venice to the ferry terminal
Took a "ferry" (more like a mini cruise ship) to Pula Croatia.
Took taxi to "Hotel Milan"
Stayed in Pula for 10 nights rented a scooter for 24 hours and toured the beaches

July 21st
Took taxi to Ferry
Take Ferry to Venice
"Oh, excuse us ladies and gentlemen... all taxi boats in Venice are on strike!"
Take (slow) bus boat to "regular" bus station
Take taxi (the only thing w/ Air Conditioning in the 100 degrees F heat) to Airport
Take plane to Frankfurt
Take car to U-Turn youth camp

July 21st to July 29th U-Turn Camp

July 29th
Take bus to train station
Take two trains to airport
Take plane to Rome
Stay in Hotel in Rome and tour until August 1st

Aug 1st
Take plane to Frankfurt
Stay in Frankfurt until August 6th

August 6th
Take bus to cheap-airline airport
Take way-to-early-cheap-flight-from-far-away-airport plane to Katowice, Poland
Take bus from far-away-airport to Krakow
Stay in Poland until August 16th

August 16th
Take bus from Krakow to Katowice (again to the "far-away-airport")
Take plane to Frankfurt (but far-away airport sort of "Frankfurt")
Take bus back to the real Frankfurt
Stay in Frankfurt until August 23rd

August 23rd
Take plane to Washington DC (horrible place to transfer flights when coming from Europe and continuing on to west coast).
During flight "what day is it?"
Land in Washington "it’s still Wednesday"
Take plane to Seattle
During flight "what day is it?"
Land in Seattle "it’s still Wednesday"
"It's been Wednesday for 30 hours"

Still August 23rd....
Friend picks us up in our car... yay.

August 28th.
Travis works in Duvall/Carnation at school district
Labor day weekend - Travis & Alexis are in Gresham looking at apartments
September 6th - Travis has interview at 10:30 am, please pray this is the right job!

That's it. See you soon!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Back in Poland

Alexis and I have been in Poland since last Monday and we are enjoying it a lot, time seems to be going faster here then at any other part of our trip. We've seen our old friends, and have done a lot of talking with Denise about the future. We are excited for what God has in store for us and we are looking forward to making more trips in the future, maybe with some of you!

If you want to read more what God wants us to do click here and here. Blessings and thanks!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Excuse the dust

This place is a mess, sorry. Between, college graduation, getting married, canceling my internet account (hence the reason the pictures are gone), and traveling around Europe for over a month now, Foodforfish has gone a hyatus. But come back in a month or so and it'll be back up, and hopefully with at least weekly updates! Blessings!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

To my single friends...

Revel in your singleness, I have just three more days of single-hood and there is a small part of me that will definitely miss the freedom of doing whatever I want when I want. However, there is a larger part of me that is very much ready for a life-helper to share life with. You could say that something is dieing so that something much more beautiful may come, or you could say that this process is something like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, neither way of life is better than the other, they are simply different. The process however of going from singleness to marriage is not a simple one, not matter how "similar" you and your partner may be.

Alexis and I have one very strong chord that keeps us in line, it is God, and He has certainly shown us amazing things, about each other, the past, and the future. We know that our future together is God's will and is an essential part to the ministries He has called us into. We have a firm belief that we do not do commit to anything unless is somehow fits into the ministries God has called us into. What that means is that because He has called us into leadership training and restoration we will not commit to just "any" ministry simply because there is a need, we will earnestly pray and seek God's wisdom in ministry decisions to see if it lines up with His will and call on our lives. If we can incorporate what He has placed on our hearts then we will consider it, if we cannot we will not consider such opportunities. What we have learned is that weather you are single or married ministry is not something to simply do for the sake of doing it, it is something that we are all called to (Eph 4:12, we are all to be equipped for ministry), however God's desires are in our heart, and if we are not doing what God desires specifically for us, then why do it?

PS. We are still short of our missions funds for the summer, please consider donating (donation information on right). Thanks!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Planning STRESS

So, yes I should have gone and looked at the details. But everything seemed peachy until today I look at our Honey Moon details and discovered that the ferry Alexis and I are taking (the only one on the day we leave) from Pula, Croatia to Venice, Italy gets to Venice at 11am on the 21st of July, which is the same time our flight from Venice to Frankfurt is...

There are two options, one leave Pula on the 18th (which means staying three very expensive nights in Venice and changing our Hotel reservation, another fee). Second, changing our flight to a later one on the 21st out of Venice (probably cheaper than staying three days in Venice, if possible). Pray that one of these works out and the money to make the changes comes through. Thanks!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just saying no

I wish it were easy to "just say no", in many ways. Sometimes people ask you to do things that you really don't want to do, just say no. Sometimes people ask you to do things that you don't have time for, just say no. Sometimes you want to do something that you shouldn't, just say no. Sometimes you do things that you shouldn't, so you do it more, just say no. Sometimes… No is the answer, but it isn't easy.

Saying no, is about thinking out the consequences first than replying. Saying no, is about living smart. However, people tend to go two ways with this "no" thing. One, they either never say no and are paralyzed that other people will say, do, or think something negative. Or Two, they say no to everything to "protect" themselves and use it to manipulate others into getting really what they want. No is power, and with power comes pride. No is power, but just like any power we must use it for good. That means saying no when we should and saying yes when we should. Communicating and thinking about the consequences of our "yes's and no's" is the key to living a life that moves with purpose.

Friday, June 09, 2006

50 mph, in 1st gear.

That's what life feels like, and I know that when life feels this way I start to detach from reality. Just three more days to go, and graduation! YAY.

Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm Fish!

You Are Fish

You have a well formed palate and a daring appetite. If it's served to you, you'll at least try it.
People are pretty scared of your exotic ways. But once they get a taste of you, they're addicted!

Going to see Les Miserable!

Tomorrow night Alexis and I will be enjoying Les Miserable at the Fifth Avenue Theater in Seattle. Earlier in the day Alexis will be trying on her wedding dress too. We have just over a month to go! Pray that we can somehow get everything in order, this past week I applied for 11 jobs, and so now I wait, and apply for more next week. Thanks for your prayers and know that we are seeing God in all kinds of things.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I'm finally making some changes around here… I like the layout, but I'm ready for a new paint job. I'm thinking something that says "a hike in the mountains". Wait and see.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Can't wait to have a place of my own again.

Listening to: Everyday - SONICFLOOd
My laptop randomly chooses pictures from my large assortment of pictures over the years, currently a very nice picture of my old apartment is set as my wallpaper, and I miss that place! As I think back to those days I remember a time when life had a steady pace. I worked Monday - Friday, and had the same activities weekly on the same days, and those days that didn't have anything I always had people to call or I always had a place to go home to be by myself. These days I live with 10-15 other people at all times (right now I'm the only one downstairs though, it is quite nice) and after two years of this I am certainly ready to have a place to call "home" again, of course this time Alexis will be with me and a whole new atmosphere will be built, but that's okay, I'm so looking forward to it. I have a lot of ideas for our new place, and so does Alexis (our invitations have TMA, for Travis Mielonen Alexis, I laughed today when Alexis said it stood for "too much attitude", pretty true when it comes to decisions such as how to decorate the house).

Anyway, my prayer request is that when we get back from Europe I can find a job quick enough that Alexis and I can get a new place fairly quick, right now it's a little hard applying for jobs since we'll be gone for seven weeks. If I don't find a job quickly we'll need to stay somewhere for real cheap, like $300 or less (and that's pushing it if we want to keep up on our regular bills) until I get a job. We have our eyes on some townhouses right here in downtown Gresham, they go for $710/month, two stories, one ½ baths, two bedroom, quite nice, tot real big, but big enough. Please pray for this, thanks!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Listening to: Here Without You - 3 Doors Down

I think I may have God induced exhaustion. What I mean is that I have been so physically exhausted the past few days that I am finding myself doing some things that I really enjoy, and I am totally hearing from God. At the same time temptations have been strong. But this entire season the words for me have been "endurance" and "perseverance", everyday I have to lean on God for the strength to resist temptations, endure frustrations, and persevere in speaking truth to the lies that I deal with.

I feel the edge of passion returning, a sacred kind of passion, and an incredible return to that first honeymoon of my salvation. Amazing grace that is what this is.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Broken on my knees

Listening to: Love Song for a Savior - Jars of Clay

I need to be broken and on my knees. I was going through my song library when I came upon Jars of Clay "World's apart". Boy have I been a world apart from the "honeymoon" of my salvation; the exciting time where every chord of worship, every word of a sermon, and every conversation about God would carry on for hours and hours; where people from six different churches would simply come together to fellowship, worship together, pray for each other in public. Life seemed to ooze with Jesus. However, this honeymoon isn't called a honeymoon for no reason; it is was just that… now I'm walking in a marriage with Him, the Lord and Savior of the world. And as in all marriages it takes many intentional decisions, working through the "feelings" and moving into an unconditional loving (<--- that is not a mistake). Here are the words of "Worlds apart"
I am the only one to blame for this
Somehow it all ends up the same
Soaring on the wings of selfish pride
I flew too high
And like Icarus I collide
With a world I try so hard to leave behind
To rid myself of all but love
To give and die
To turn away and not become
Another nail to pierce the skin
Of One who loves
More deeply than the oceans
More abundant than the tear
Of a world embracing every heartache
Can I be the one to sacrifice
Or grip the spear and watch the blood
And water flow
To love You take my world apart
To need You I am on my knees
To love You take my world apart
To need You broken on my knees
All said and done I stand alone
Amongst remains of a life I should not own
It takes all I am to believe
In the mercy that covers me
Did You really have to die for me
All I am for all You are
Because what I need and what I believe
Are worlds apart

Friday, May 19, 2006

An assurance

I have had some anxious thoughts over the past month about where I'm headed. These thoughts started as questions about my calling, my upcoming marriage, friends, ministry, etc. However, whenever I thought about "quitting" any of these things I just had a twist in my stomach that yelled "no". I know that God is using these things to challenge me, push me, and strengthen me into the man he wants me to be. I have a peace, an assurance that the path I am heading is the way.

The discouragement, the lies, the lack of motivation has certainly had me in a slow walk, but I do not see this as bad. I see this past quarter as a time where God has wanted me, albeit hard, and at times very discouraging, and the enemy has certainly played with these thoughts. God has known though that I would turn to Him for the truth, and in return I have received His truth, His grace, and His love in all of those areas.

Then I received some reassurance just before I began to write this… I loaded up and took a look at the verse of the day it was "But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness."- James 3:17-18 NIV. I have been leaning on heaven's wisdom, wisdom that surpasses human understanding; even though at times God has caught me straying away from this. Every time I find myself anxious and wanting to dishonor God, another person, or myself, I come to the choice of leaning on Him. I choose to be meek, that is, I choose to be wisely, strongly, humble before my Lord, Savior, and God. This is the assurance we all have in Christ Jesus, the assurance that when we choose Him, the Kingdom of Heaven touches earth, and his will is done, just as it is in heaven.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Yeah, that wonderful little adjective describing ones drive or enthusiasm for the stuff of life. Well, right now I have a lot to do, but I don't have much motivation to do it, yet it is stuff that is bugging me, things like cleaning my room, doing my laundry, cleaning my desk, making phone calls, etc. All of these things are not all that bad in and of themselves, yet, when I've been in 40 hours worth of meetings in the course of five days, my motivation lacks. However, these past five days have been amazing, absolutely great and I wouldn't have made a different decision, I just wish I had done the laundry before I left for a three day retreat… I out of clothes… not fun.

I really want to get back into regular blogging, I really enjoy it, yet that motivation factor plays in. This motivation thing is not new either… With my brain constantly being injected with information, emotions, and excitement, the words just do not seem to explain it all. However, I am confident that some day it will come back, and once again the fish will be fed.

Monday, April 10, 2006

From Shame to Grace

The small group that Alexis and I are involved in right now is going through a series called "Wounded by Shame healed by Grace"; it is a wonderful group "counseling" (for lack of a better term) series. Currently we are just on week two, and the main concepts discussed have been performance driven shame, and guilt verses shame. It has been quite eye opening and I just can't wait to see what else God will reveal to me, Alexis, and our relationship together.

For myself I have noticed that much of the things I have done, and still some of the things I do to this day have been driven by performance, albeit not consciously. I remember a number of times saying "yes" to something simply because someone of "importance" asked me to do it, which must have meant that "they liked me" therefore if I do a good job on this task I will be "better" in their eyes, and in me. This is just not true, I am who I am because of what God says I am, not anyone else. Performance is really simply self-focus, it's saying "what I do, is what makes me" it doesn't allow for God to make me into who He wants me. This is shame because I became ashamed for not "meeting the standard", not "pleasing the person", or a number of other things. Shame based performance happens a lot with people, usually it comes in the form of performance love, "if you do this thing, or please me well enough you'll get a treat (love), but if you don't than you are punished." This is different than actually disobeying an agreed/understood upon consequence to something. This kind of performance-love plays out in families all too often, instead of separating the behavior or task from the person, the ability to do a task or behavior reflects onto the person's being. What a person does, and who a person is should never be equated.

That's my little rant, and my little journey into some deeper stuff. I am not perfect, and I know that I say things that shame people, but I want to be held accountable, and for people to call me on these things.

Lord God, I pray that you continue to open my eyes to your wisdom in giving and receiving grace. Your amazing grace isn't called amazing for no reason. It is amazing because no matter the circumstance, no matter the issue at hand, I am covered by your grace. Lord help to live in your grace and not the judgments of others, nor to be motivated by other people's thoughts, judgments, or shame. Thank you, in Jesus' name. AMEN.

Friday, March 31, 2006

24-7 Prayer in Gresham!

We are having a 24-7 prayer time here in Gresham, as an Intern with the church here we help facilitate the environment and keep prayer going every hour for seven days. Eventually we want to have a "boiler" room where we will have prayer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. However, this is the beginning, and it has been a great success! The Lord is doing some amazing things in people's lives. It has been awesome to pray with some of the general public that walk in when they see the banner up outside.

As for me, this time has been a good time to focus my prayers, and renew some of the commitments I have made to the Lord these past few years. As our wedding date comes closer I realize that God has been moving in my life in very subtle, yet significant ways. I've realized that over the past ten months or so it has been so easy to "access" God's presence, in a way, I no longer need to run to Him because I know that I am always with Him and he is always with me. Even during the midst of trouble, confusion, and frustration, I am able to allow His spirit to calm me down and for His wisdom and knowledge to guide me instead of my fleshly instincts and logic.

Thank you Lord, for your spirit of wisdom and knowledge, thank you for your love, and for your mercy. Father I pray for more of pure desire, to be pure in my thoughts, my actions, and in my love towards Alexis. Father protect Alexis and all the of the women at the retreat this weekend, bless them with your comfort, and your heart-desires. May they become aware of the authority you have given them, may they be blessed with your truth. May YOU be the center of their being. In Jesus' name, I pray - Amen.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My science class.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Engagement photos!

Here's for the whole world to see some of our engagement photos! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Realing

Listening to: Weak for the Man - Carla Cook

Silhouettes of color that stock me
In response to what I cannot see
Images of feelings,
And feelings of images

At times I know, those times a rare
Why not then? But why now?
Images of feelings
And feelings of images

The reeling of the real
While I ask here now
These images, these feelings
Those images, those feelings

Should I reel the real
Or should I just deal?
Because the images of the feelings
Are just reeling the feelings of the images

Are these images real?
Are these feelings real?
Or am I just an image of what I feel?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dawning of a new age.

Today I met with one of the pastors at our church, Jason, it was something that God prompted me to do well over a month ago during a message that he had given on a Wednesday night. I didn't really have any clue as to why God asked me to do this, except that down in my heart something wasn't quite right. So, I sent the email, and it was scheduled (he's a pretty busy man). The appointment was at nine in the morning, well before I usually get up on a Friday (Thursday/Friday are my weekend), but I knew I had to, so I did. I had my journal with me, all my notes, and all my colored pens (I color code my journal… OCD… maybe) ready to go.

Well I get into his office and tell him why I setup the appointment, for some guidance, direction in ministry is what I had written, and that is what I said. However, God had some other plans, because Jason did what I asked, but not as I had actually expected. You see, not more than 10 minutes into conversation did the question of purity in my life come up, first between Alexis and I. I told him the truth, we are doing quite well in that area, the furthest we have gone is kissing, and maybe an arm up a shirt, but never past the ribs, I know it sounds impossible, but I tell you the truth. Then we got into my own purity, my thoughts, and that I haven't gone more than two weeks without "acting out" (a.k.a. masturbation) my impure thoughts for about seven months now. Of course this was of no surprise to him, because just about every male on the planet deals with this in some fashion or another. The thing is, for some reason, it really hit me tonight while processing our conversation, that this is a key foundational stone for our marriage, and our marriage is a foundational stone for our future ministry to the Polish people.

The topic of purity also brought about my daily habits and situations, what triggers me to act out; this lead to four basic areas, stress, being in the Word, exercise, and sleep. All of which are either too high or low. The big one for me recently, especially the past seven months, has been being in the Word. So, I took the step tonight to read the Word for learning and listening, not just for the sake of "checking it off my list". I never thought I would have that attitude, however it has happened.

So, in my reading tonight I went with something "simple" and read Proverbs 24, because it is the 24th of the month. Two verses stuck out, verse three, and verse 27, both of which deal with building a home and a business. Both of which I applied to my current situation, I must develop my business before building my home, and I must build my home on wisdom and good sense. My business right now is my ministry, which is to my fiancé, this is my business to wisely develop our marriage and minister to each other, for a lifetime of ministry to each other, and just as Christ laid down his life for the church (his bride) I will lay down my life for my bride. This is requiring a mega-shift in my thinking, a completely new paradigm and I know that God has much in store. Because of this, I have committed to God, that I will keep myself accountable, to get up early to read the word, spend quality time with Alexis, and open the lines of communication with my accountability partners. I am asking a good friend of mine to call me in the mornings and make me get up for this, because I know right now I am too weak, extreme maybe, will it work I hope so, God is good and I want His heart, and this is what is in my heart to run after His. The Lord has called me, and now He is calling me deeper, and it will not be easy, and I will need to suck it up at times, but I will persevere with Him by my side, it is His will, and His will be done.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

To our supporters,

Thank you for your amazing support as we embark on our third journey to Poland and our second to U-Turn Europe. The Lord has provided over half of our funds (about $6,000 total, more than originally anticipated) for this summer's missions trip. At this point we are still in need of $3,000. Through fundraising, our personal savings, and working as much as we can while attending school full time, we know God will bring in the rest. By the time you read this we hope to have purchased our airfare, which is almost half of our costs. The rest will be used for serving the U-Turn Europe camp and for our room and board while we are in Zakopane, Poland (The city where Travis lived and ministered for a year, and Alexis helped for six weeks).

This trip is important because it will lay the foundation for our future ministry in Poland. Not only will we be continuing important relationships with our Polish friends and other European friends, we will begin visioning and strategizing how the future will look for Alexis and I and the rest of the team that will eventually start a Christian servant-leaders training program in Krakow, Poland. We are working with a Dutch church and a young Dutchman who has a similar heart and passion for the city of Krakow and the Polish people, his name is Johan and he is currently living in Zakopane helping the church there while finishing is Masters Thesis on tourism. Together, along with others we are praying for, we will begin the next phase of our ministry in Poland.

Please do not stop praying for us, and giving in whatever areas you are capable of doing. We highly appreciate your prayers, support, and love in reaching a lost nation for the Kingdom of God.

In His service,
Travis & Alexis

PS. Our wedding is July 9th, invitations will be going out soon, however school and planning for this missions trip is where our hearts have been the past few weeks. Our honeymoon will be in Croatia on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, this of course is coming out of our own pockets and from our families, and the flight is on one ticket for simplicity and cost effectiveness.

Please donate online (Link to the right) or send checks made to Mission Dispatch to:

Travis Mielonen/Alexis Koho
C/O Mission Dispatch
654 5th Ave. S. Suite 300
Edmonds, WA 98020

A suggested donation of $50 per person or couple would raise enough funds for both of us to go on the U-Turn Europe mission trip and bless the people in Poland. The wedding date is July 9th, 2006 in Edmonds, WA. For more information please visit our wedding website @

Travis also has on-going tuition needs. If interested he is providing web-page design at $600/website and on-site small-business/home office computer/network/technology support, all of which goes towards OCM tuition and or the missions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Listening to: Weak for the Man - Carla Cook

I feel like I have nothing to say, but I have so much in me to say. But all of this stuff in me feels so unimportant to the rest of the world. Yet, at the same time I want to scream it all to the world. The Lord is all I want, and all I need, He is everything, he is EVERYTHING. This sounds so pat, so cliché, so not important. But they are simple words that effect me down to the very core of my being, it is not a feeling, it is not a "good warm fuzzy" feeling in me, it is a motivation. This thing that I feel, it's more than I could ever imagine, and it is so hard to explain. I really can't stand here and not be moved. But then I find myself standing right where I don't want to be, and I don't move when I should. Thank God for His grace, and I do not feel neither shame nor guilt, because I know that the Lord, my God continues call me. If only my fleshy desires would align with my spiritual desires. Then I might actually do what I want to do and stop doing the things I do not want to do.


In your name I come. In your grace I walk. In your power I go. In your way I desire. You are absolute. I want to commit my fleshly desires to your will, I want to commit my soul to your spirit. Let your glory fall around, shine around. Father keep me from temptation, from anger, shame, sexually, selfishly, all that you would not call your own. Lord, most of all open my heart to hear your words, your love, and to be filled with your spirit in all that I do. May this road of communication be open forever, and ever. Amen.

Too much

Listening to: Weak for the Man - Carla Cook

So much brain activity, I have nothing to say.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The silence

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The silence has been good. But now I want to hear something in the silence.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Book suggestion

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I'm reading "The Sacred Romance" right now by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge. It is good, real good. The best thing is that Alexis and I were prayed for today at a missions conference and Isaiah 45:1-3 was used, and low and behold, you would think we all worshipped the same God or something. Because, in my reading tonight, I think Chapter seven, the exact same passage from IS 45 was used in the book!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Something of heaven

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Something of heaven touched Earth tonight, right here in good old Gresham, Oregon. Yes, I mean, we had some kind of encounter with the heavenly bodies. No, not one of those "We saw angels flying from the rafters" no, I mean something much more touching. When I first came to Christ I swear that at times I had no choice but to raise my hands in worship, however over the years I've slowly come to a place where I raise my hands, not based on a feeling, but in response to my heart's desire to touch God. Tonight though, something new happened, instead of raising my hands because I wanted something, it's as if God came and forced my arms up. This may sounds strange, but it was natural, and it was great. God is so good, and He so loves, his greatness can never be measured until the time His kingdom comes. I worship God because of this, not because I feel better, but because he deserves it.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Vision

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(Minor updating 6/11/07)
See this post, and this post for a quick overview.
The Lord has done much in our lives since Travis returned from Poland in August of 2004. Both of us are now in our final year of the INTERNational Training Program (ITP) and the Oregon College of Ministry (OCM) in Gresham, Oregon. Through the ITP we are being equipped for hands-on, practical ministry to young people and others in our own generation. As part of this intern program we took the opportunity this past July/August to go to U-turn Europe in Poland, an annual youth camp for Foursquare Europe (each year a different country is host), that, by no accident, was in Zakopane, the same town Travis lived and served in for a year and Alexis lived and served in for six weeks. In addition, through OCM we are being equipped with practical biblical training to enable us to serve God and be servant-leaders to a broken world. As the Lord guides us into marriage through this engagement time, we are looking forward to his promises in our life together, please read further.

Over this past year God's calling on our lives has become confirmed, we are to be pastors, to sheppard His people and serve them. We have a vision to see people become equipped to lead and serve in God's kingdom. Because of the mentorship, training, and equipping we have received through OCM and the ITP we now have the tools and heart for mentoring, training, and equipping our generation. Specifically the Lord has given us a vision and heart for our generation in the nation of Poland.

So, what will we do in Poland, when will we go? These are the questions. We want to build a training program in Poland, it will look different than the ITP, but God's heart is the same; to mentor, train, equip, and release the Polish people to do the ministry themselves, plant churches themselves, and bring God's full glory in freedom. This training program will be a place for Americans, Poles, and eventually anyone to experience ministry, hands on, and receive the same kind of mentorship as Paul did for Timothy. We believe there will be restoration for both the local Polish people and the interns themselves just as we have seen in our lives since being in the ITP. In the future we want to have the same kind of quality practical Bible teaching as OCM is providing, in Poland. And ultimately we want to see the Polish people take on the vision themselves.

In order to see this come to fruit we have a multi-year plan that we know will require patience and prayerful consideration. Of course we will continue building our relationships with our Polish friends in Poland, including at least an annual visit until we move there. We also want to begin building relationships with the Polish community here in the Portland, Oregon area. In the meantime we hope to recruit Polish Christians from the Portland and Seattle areas in the ITP program in Gresham. We also want to recruit Poles living in Poland to come and be interns in the ITP so that we can start building a team of people (including some non-Poles) to go to Poland when God opens the doors and says "go". We consider this time to be the conception stage; we know God will lead us into each stage as is necessary at the proper times.

So, again, we thank you for your prayers, financial support, and spiritual support through this entire process. If you have any questions you may contact Travis or Alexis with the information below. We pray that you too will know God's calling in your life, weather it be local or global, we know the Lord has amazing plans for each person and that it takes for each of us to trust Him and Listen to Him.

In Christ,

Travis & Alexis Mielonen

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I miss this place.

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I mean the blog… I've had ideas of grandeur for foodforfish for a while now, but just haven't had the time nor the energy to sit down and work it out. However, I tell you though, The Lord is doing some amazing healing, and restoration in both Alexis and I, all in preparation for our eventual ministry in Poland. We are now working on our Wedding, and our mission trip this summer to Germany/Poland, continue to keep us in your prayers as we go out for support funds, prayers, and tell people the vision. Thanks!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Listening to: Weak for the Man - Carla Cook

It seems that what I try to do these days, creates a war inside of me. One side screams for just a taste, while the other side tries with all its might to stop the screaming. The first side fires its arrows of pleasure, when one hits the target, then great apathy comes, then, the final blow comes with a shot gun shot of guilt and shame. The other side fights all of these darts, attempting to use the weapons it has been taught, but discovers that practice does make perfect, and recently, practice is, what is not. To and fro, to and fro, like a giant game of tug-o-war, only it seems that one side is a bunch of two year olds, and the other a huge nasty guy who mysteriously seduces the side that could so easily trample him.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new year!

Happy new year!