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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another update.

It seems that all I do are “updates” now… with living at my parents house Alexis and I find ourselves not doing anything regular, including getting on the Internet for relax time. Anyway, the update. Well, I didn’t get the job that I interviewed for a few weeks ago for, they called me the same day, which was very nice… sorry I didn’t say anything, been really busy. But, I just got a call today asking for another interview with an Educational Service District (that would be the people that provide special services to school districts, including technical support) for the NW Regional ESD in the Portland area. This is good! Because I have worked as a Network Administrator for a school district in the Seattle area for just about ever… I love it, and I would love this job too, I just know it. So please keep this in your prayers.

As for the rest of life… Alexis and I applied for an apartment; I know a bit backwards you say? Yeah we don’t have jobs in Portland, but we might get an apartment… God does stuff like that and it works… Go figure. This apartment is the exact one we have been (admittedly) coveting for about a year, maybe coveting is not exactly right, but I know at times our hearts were near coveting… It’s a townhouse, with two bedrooms, washer/dryer, 1.5 baths, and a large living/dining area and decent kitchen, it’s perfect for where we are in life right now. So if God wants us to have it, he’ll make it happen and we will be moving in Oct 30th.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Quick update.

Okay. So a quick summary of our trip and were we are now.

Wedding Day July 9th.
Got Married
Took a limo to the Alexis Hotel

July 10th
Took a town car to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Took a plane to Chicago
Took another plane to Frankfurt, Germany

At some point it became July 11th
Took another place to Venice, Italy
Took a "Bus Boat" through Venice to the ferry terminal
Took a "ferry" (more like a mini cruise ship) to Pula Croatia.
Took taxi to "Hotel Milan"
Stayed in Pula for 10 nights rented a scooter for 24 hours and toured the beaches

July 21st
Took taxi to Ferry
Take Ferry to Venice
"Oh, excuse us ladies and gentlemen... all taxi boats in Venice are on strike!"
Take (slow) bus boat to "regular" bus station
Take taxi (the only thing w/ Air Conditioning in the 100 degrees F heat) to Airport
Take plane to Frankfurt
Take car to U-Turn youth camp

July 21st to July 29th U-Turn Camp

July 29th
Take bus to train station
Take two trains to airport
Take plane to Rome
Stay in Hotel in Rome and tour until August 1st

Aug 1st
Take plane to Frankfurt
Stay in Frankfurt until August 6th

August 6th
Take bus to cheap-airline airport
Take way-to-early-cheap-flight-from-far-away-airport plane to Katowice, Poland
Take bus from far-away-airport to Krakow
Stay in Poland until August 16th

August 16th
Take bus from Krakow to Katowice (again to the "far-away-airport")
Take plane to Frankfurt (but far-away airport sort of "Frankfurt")
Take bus back to the real Frankfurt
Stay in Frankfurt until August 23rd

August 23rd
Take plane to Washington DC (horrible place to transfer flights when coming from Europe and continuing on to west coast).
During flight "what day is it?"
Land in Washington "it’s still Wednesday"
Take plane to Seattle
During flight "what day is it?"
Land in Seattle "it’s still Wednesday"
"It's been Wednesday for 30 hours"

Still August 23rd....
Friend picks us up in our car... yay.

August 28th.
Travis works in Duvall/Carnation at school district
Labor day weekend - Travis & Alexis are in Gresham looking at apartments
September 6th - Travis has interview at 10:30 am, please pray this is the right job!

That's it. See you soon!