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Monday, August 27, 2007

Post trip thoughts.

Wow a lot has happened in the 10 days since we returned. We find out we're having a baby, our head pastors change (we knew about this for over a year though), and my company has the equivalent of a divorce (long story, might mention some other time).

However, the most significant thing (the baby thing) is so wonderful the other things are overshadowed (and only one of the other things is bad, the job thing). In this time since we have returned we've had some culture shock that happens each year, yet this time it seemed more surreal.

You see, the church we attend has nearly 5,000 people each weekend walking through its doors. The church we help with in Poland, has probably close to 5 on average, and 15 on a good day. The difference? Nothing, they are both part of the church of Jesus. The biggest difference is that while most people in our home church have a "shopping" mentality (despite the urgency of our leaders and pastors to plug in, take ownership, even if its at another church), a lot of people in this culture see church as something to "get something from". I hear the phrases "I just didn't get anything from the sermon" or "I just don't get into worship", or a number of other "I just don't get...." all too often.

However in Poland, yes there's a few choices, nearly all are seen as a sect or cult (in American terms, cult is more of the perspective). Even the small church plant we work with is seen as a sect, and the local religious radio station has warned parents and adults to "be ware" of our activities we could be out for "brainwashing" them. Of the choices of Christian, bible believing and teaching communities, there's a large schism between them. Some are ultra Pentecostal in the scary "what you see on TV" kind of way, others are very closed, and preach to people that they should "repent of their Catholicism" (in a country that identifies themselves as more than 90% Catholic this is not a grace based teaching).

For Polish Christians to find, a safe place, where all are accepted, even when their are disagreements, where some still identify to be Catholic, is extremely rare.

Then Alexis and I come home, and we reenter our home church for a worship service with 1,000 other people, it brings us to tears each time. For us to take this place for granted would be for us to commit the same act as Judas.

Never forsake the fellowship, even though it may drive you crazy, that person driving you crazy is put there by God, to grow grace and character in you. Some people don't have the liberty to simply choose a place. The church is all we have, love it, as Christ loves it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


The news of 2007 is:

Alexis and I are having a baby!!!

Back on our anniversary we thought we may have been pregnant, although we were on the "pill", Alexis took a few different pregnancy tests, all came out negative. Then on our trip there were a few symptoms that we decided Alexis should see the doctor, so on Tuesday of this past week she did exactly that.

By Wednesday at 9am she found out, she is 12 weeks pregnant! Which means our little one has already been to France and Poland :P

The baby is due March 11th at this point. It's crazy, it's kinda fast, but we were ready to start trying in September anyway! So God's provision we know is coming!

Love you all! Thanks for your prayers and support!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A quick video from our time here in Poland!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I digress

Poland is a wonderful place. Thanks to everyone who has sent encouraging words, yes it's a little tough, but then I am reminded that God's creation is beautiful even the parts that irritate me, I am simply human. I am reminded that we are here for a reason, a reason that surpasses my understanding and the feelings around me. We are here for his work, his amazing, glorious work. We have friends here, true friends, and we have brothers and sisters in Him, the two are not necessarily the same, most of the time yes, some of the time not. It's the some of the time that get's me irritated. Alexis and I should go and take a walk, enjoy the God's creation, and simply be, instead of trying to do, that seems to be God's desire for the moment.

Thanks again,

Live from Poland..


Alexis and I are in Poland right now, I find myself very tired at the moment, irritable, and I simply want to be away from people. Normally I like to be with others, but even people like me have a limit to how much time you can be around people. So as we spend time with our friends here, we realize the need for healing and restoration here. If only people were aware of the freedom that true grace brings, not just here in Poland, but all around the world. God's grace is 100% sufficient for everyone. Problems occur and fellowship is distrupted when hurt people hurt other hurting people, most of the time this is caused by people not knowing what their identity is as a Christian. We have authority, we are created in God's image, not other's, and most of all we choose to be like Christ. No one can tell you what Christ has given you, only we can choose that for ourselves, we choose to believe it, and to walk into it. We submit to Christ, we allow his counsel, his hands, and feet (this is the church) to mentor us, through mutual friends, our pastors, and his Spirit. This is what our ministry in Poland is based on. Applying His word to our lives, living as Christ did, and walking out grace. There is hope.

Serving him,

Saturday, August 11, 2007

In Poland

Hey everyone,

We're here in Poland now, been here since Wednesday. The youth camp in France went very well, I plan on posting some videos and pictures soon. The theme of the camp was "Coming together, going deeper", each night (except one) a French pastor spoke to the campers. Before we left I felt the Lord tell me to have no expections, and simply observe, this is precisly what I did. It was good, although at times I wanted to minister and wanted to feel God's touch, just to recieve, yet none of that happened. Instead the Lord had me obeserve, and intercede for others. God is creating in me a sense of peace through all of this, I'm learning to process things, and listen to his instructions, instead of jumping on knowledge and instinct.