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Thursday, March 27, 2003

I'm not dead

I've just been doing a lot! A lot of reading too! I've been commenting a lot on other blogs and really reading them and learning. So do the same, while I conjure up some good stuff to post here.

Oh and by the way...

Christianity is not a religion, it's a lifestyle created by a direct relationship with God through the son of God, Jesus Christ who gives you his Holy Spirit so you can live a lifestyle of purpose.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

My entry for the day.

Christianity is not a religion, it's a lifestyle...

Monday, March 24, 2003

Proverbs 24

As I was reading Proverbs 24 today, I learned that God is really trying to push me to read his word. I have this new regiment I want to try out; it involves my physical body and my spiritual body. Tomorrow (if I don�t chicken out) I�m going to sign up for a gym membership, and if there was such a thing a bible-gym, but since there is not, I�ll have to do it my self. I hope to go the gym after work each day, or at least three times a week, then go home or to another brother or sisters house and really dig into the word. I don�t want to burn my self out, so it�s going to only be a paragraph or so, whatever I feel like is enough to journal and really chew on. I�m going to ask all of you who read this to hold me accountable, if you don�t see me posting on a regular basis about some piece of the word, then let me know�. Thank you Lord.

Don't envy evil people; don't desire their company. 2 For they spend their days plotting violence, and their words are always stirring up trouble.
3 A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense. 4 Through knowledge its rooms are filled with all sorts of precious riches and valuables.
5 A wise man is mightier than a strong man, and a man of knowledge is more powerful than a strong man. 6 So don't go to war without wise guidance; victory depends on having many counselors.
7 Wisdom is too much for a fool. When the leaders gather, the fool has nothing to say.
8 A person who plans evil will get a reputation as a troublemaker. 9 The schemes of a fool are sinful; everyone despises a mocker.
10 If you fail under pressure, your strength is not very great.
11 Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don't stand back and let them die. 12 Don't try to avoid responsibility by saying you didn't know about it. For God knows all hearts, and he sees you. He keeps watch over your soul, and he knows you knew! And he will judge all people according to what they have done.
13 My child, eat honey, for it is good, and the honeycomb is sweet to the taste. 14 In the same way, wisdom is sweet to your soul. If you find it, you will have a bright future, and your hopes will not be cut short.
15 Do not lie in wait like an outlaw at the home of the godly. And don't raid the house where the godly live. 16 They may trip seven times, but each time they will rise again. But one calamity is enough to lay the wicked low.
17 Do not rejoice when your enemies fall into trouble. Don't be happy when they stumble. 18 For the LORD will be displeased with you and will turn his anger away from them.
19 Do not fret because of evildoers; don't envy the wicked. 20 For the evil have no future; their light will be snuffed out.
21 My child, fear the LORD and the king, and don't associate with rebels. 22 For you will go down with them to sudden disaster. Who knows where the punishment from the LORD and the king will end?

[Proverbs 24:1-22]

I love proverbs because it is so blunt, so to the point, tell me what to do LORD, okay, I will. Verse seventeen, do not rejoice when your enemies fall into trouble. Don�t be happy when they stumble, for the LORD will be displeased with you and will turn his anger away from them., good one for these times right now, eh? You see, I truly believe that not matter what God loves everyone, even if they are not following him, although it is very clear he hates our sins, and decisions which lead us away from him, because he is a jealous God, he wants us to be focused on him, because only following him will give us eternal life, he wants to spend it with us! Imagine, the God of the universe wants to spend his forever with us, with me, with you! But he also loves us so much, that he wants us to truthfully choose him, from our hearts and to follow him with all our will, otherwise if he made us choose him, what kind of setup would that be. Imagine your family, your mother, father, brother sister, only caring for you because they were �programmed to�, it wasn�t their choice, horrible I say, just horrible.

I have a lot more to say, but i'm kinda at a friend's house, sweet tulip. We will soon be entering; The Matrix.

God is so amazing, amen!

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Well I did it... I got my MP3 player.. but didn't do anything else but that, because a failure to communicate happened, and I kinda didn't meet my friends where I was suppose to. So I ended up having to go straight to Snohomish to meet 'em... All was good, watched a great drama, a little fire and brimstone kind of presentation, but got the message out. All is well.

And now presenting...

My MP3 Player! 20gb of MP3s or DATA!

Saturday, March 22, 2003

The perfect environment for me is one where I can be free of the busy stuff in life. Right now, as I write this, I�m looking out at that environment. It includes a slight breeze, a blue sky with puffy white clouds, a body of water, and nothing but me and God. In this little environment I would enjoy a little biking, maybe south to Redmond, or North West to Seattle. I�m thinking, North West, because I get to see more of the beautiful lake Washington. I think I�m going to throw on some warm-ups, a pair of my tennis shoes, a light jacket, yikes though� I need some music. Grrr my MP3 player is broken, well not really, but the screen doesn�t work, so I�m very tempted to buy a new one, because a bike-ride without music is like driving a car without a radio/CD player for me.

So, this is what I�m going to do today:

Go to Radio Shack or Target and hopefully they will have an MP3 player I like, although maybe I should wait because the next cell phone I want will have one built in� grr.

Go back to my place, put on some warm-ups, get my bike out of the closet, throw on my tennis shoes, and hit the Burk Gilman trial, listening to the sounds of Switchfoot.

Talk, listen, worship, walk, run, bike, watch, feel, look for, God in everything I do and everywhere I go.

Come back whenever I feel like it.

Go to a play up in Camano Island with a good �ol friend of mine.

Music does it all

Music can completely manipulate my mood, I was thinking tonight, while listening to some great music, why is that? Why can music change the way I feel so quickly? Is there something deeper with in us? I was watching other people listening to the music, and it seemed everyone was in the same stance, just letting the music flow through their bodies, some more than others. Music is so mysterious, I love it, and it makes my world go around. It�s a good thing.

I do this thing when I�m listening to good music. I picture these streams of colors flowing all around, changing colors and shape as the music tells its story. Sometimes when I�m feeling spiritually inspired I imagine the Holy Spirit touching every person I can see, then exploding out the doors and into the world with arms wide open. I see the spirit touching everyone who asks, prompting everyone it comes in contact with to follow it. God�s spirit is so strong in some music, I physically feel God, and can only imagine what being with him will really be like.

Friday, March 21, 2003

I'm searching for your will
I'm watching the doors and peeking through them
Which one should I take?
Where should I go?
I want to be in your arms
Direct me, I want to follow you
This is the day which you have made
Show me your light, show me the way

Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Yes this is my final answer.

Concerning the war and our government; I don�t have any information to support my views, and neither do you unless you are holding the documents and surveillance video in your hands. Unless you have all the information the only view you or I can have are opinions, which you can voice as much as you want. Although based on the information I have read and seen, I believe this war to come, is �justified� as presented. Meaning, remove the current government and put one in place which is friendly to its people, and gives them more power. Now, what ever the �real� motives are, we don�t know, but at least the presented motives are valid enough to support the war based on the refusal and threats received by the Iraqi government. Of course, I do not have all the information, so my vision is skewed only by what I know, as are yours. I believe in our government to make decisions based on the facts it receives. It�s true that Iraq did not attack us first; it�s true that the people of Iraq have not done anything to us; it�s true we have not been directly attacked; but I trust in God to straighten this whole mess out. We should continue to pray that God�s will, be done, and that whoever is in our leadership is convicted to do the right thing, especially when our leader is a Christian. I know I would be convicted to seek God�s will, and be praying every moment, and over every decision. So all I can do is trust that he is informed as much as possible and has been convicted by God. We will never understand why this is happening until the day we enter into God�s glory. All we can do is trust God that everything is working the way it should be, and by trust I mean know, to expect with out doubt that God is fulfilling his plan. God is Good all the time. Our first worry should be to love him and love others, and to love him and lover others means to protect our freedoms which allow us to outwardly love God and protect others so we can love them outwardly.

Check 'em out.

I've added some new favorite posts... they are under "The posts with the most" and "More Posts".

And for some fun.. My birthdate is 3/3/1982

I am....
65 years 4 months younger than Walter Cronkite, age 86
61 years 10 months younger than Pope John Paul II, age 82
57 years 9 months younger than George Herbert Bush, age 78
50 years 5 months younger than Barbara Walters, age 71
48 years 3 months younger than Larry King, age 69
42 years 1 month younger than Ted Koppel, age 63
38 years 8 months younger than Geraldo Rivera, age 59
35 years 8 months younger than George W. Bush, age 56
30 years 8 months younger than Jesse Ventura, age 51
26 years 4 months younger than Bill Gates, age 47
21 years 6 months younger than Cal Ripken Jr., age 42
15 years 8 months younger than Mike Tyson, age 36
11 years 7 months younger than Jennifer Lopez, age 32
6 years 2 months younger than Tiger Woods, age 27
0 years 4 months older than Prince William, age 20

and I was:
19 years old at the time of the 9-11 attack on America
17 years old on the first day of Y2K
15 years old when Princess Diana was killed in a car crash
13 years old at the time of Oklahoma City bombing
12 years old when O. J. Simpson was charged with murder
10 years old at the time of the 93 bombing of the World Trade Center
8 years old when Operation Desert Storm began
7 years old during the fall of the Berlin Wall
3 years old when the space shuttle Challenger exploded
a 1 year old when Apple introduced the Macintosh
a 1 year old during Sally Ride's travel in space

Age Guage


Monday, March 17, 2003

Let's just pray for our nation and troops.

These last few weeks having been interesting, lots people are upset at President Bush. How many chances does one need to give to another? I know Jesus said to forgive 70x70 which is basically to never stop forgiving, and to turn the other cheek when someone hits you. But I still believe (and I must admit at the moment I have no scripture to back this up) that if someone refuses to change (or repent) then consequences will happen, and that God is for justice. But because we are humans with sin, we all have to suffer consequences of war, life is not fair, innocent people will die, but sometimes you have to fight for peace and justice. I know oil is a part of the current crisis but our president is a follower of Christ, and even if he is the weakest follower of Christ, I am sure he understands, and has prayed and asked for guidance over these matters, including the human ones. No one ever wants war, but it takes ALL sides to make peace. Our world will never have true peace, not until Christ returns, so in the mean time we will need to do our best to be Christ-like (not that war is, but it takes all to do it, and not everyone is following), and practice justice as much as possible. I do believe we can interpret the bible fairly, and with accuracy because God has given us his Holy Spirit, and in scripture it says WITH the Holy Spirit we can discern the truth from the lies. Even though I probably would have gone about things differently (and I will say I am not qualified to even make those decisions, but if I were) if it had gotten to this point, I would be doing the same thing as President Bush, that�s a big IF, but that�s what I would do.

Dear God,

I pray for all of your power, all of your mercy, and all of your grace to fall upon the people of Iraq, the people of the United States, and the people of this world you have created. I pray for every person following you who is in this battle to seek your guidance, for everyone who is not following you to seek you, and your truth. Let your light shine upon Iraq and everyone in it. Let your love over come our soldiers and the people of Iraq, may this battle be about humans, their souls and waking their spirits. Let your GLORY fall over everyone, and may they all come to know you better.

So be it.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

My friends, aren't they great?

Shoot 'em games... what can I say.

Nope, me excited never....

Dude, i'm going to Switchfoot!

Saturday, March 15, 2003

My Creed Part II See Part I
Specifics; I can and most likely will change it.

Sin is the denial of the Holy Spirit; blasphemy is the denial of the Holy Spirit forever until death. I believe we all inherit sin because of the fall of Adam and Eve. We all have a natural desire to sin, because it is fun in the moment. But I truly believe true peace and happiness comes from denying sin from our lives, it�s hard in the moment but the effect is life lasting.

30 Anyone who isn't helping me opposes me, and anyone who isn't working with me is actually working against me.
31 "Every sin or blasphemy can be forgiven--except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, which can never be forgiven. 32 Anyone who blasphemes against me, the Son of Man, can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, either in this world or in the world to come.

[Matthew 12:30-32]

If we follow the Holy Spirit�s guidance, which for me comes in the form of an emotion which I can�t explain right away, then we will feel God�s peace. We should all focus on listening to God�s Spirit. What does it sound like to you, us, and me? All sin is equal; the consequences are different, which in our linear lives may make sins appear they have different values.

Instead of fretting over weather or not you are sinning, or if this is sin or whatever, just love God and Love people. Ask your self; are my actions showing God�s love? Are my actions loving of others? If you mess up, from your heart ask for forgiveness, God will grant it, and his mercy will be yours. I believe Jesus was telling us the ultimate way in which to live was to love God and to love others. If we just filter our lives with through those verses then we can live a life which glorifies God and which God can bless us. No matter where your passion is, sports, technology, people, any kind of movement, filter it with love of God and others and I believe with all my heart, and I know it to be true, our lives will be blessed, maybe not a bed of roses but we will grow and become better humans, and later rewarded in heaven.

~ to be continued ~

Friday, March 14, 2003

The toilet attacked me!

Nature was calling just a few moments ago, so I went to my bathroom which is only a few yards away, I prepare myself, then I realize I have no toilet paper, so just before I sit down I pull my pants back up and button them barely enough for them to sit on my waste. I run to our utility room and grab a roll of toilet paper, okay all is good.

So now I was sitting on the toilet, doing the business that guys do when it requires them to sit. I was thinking about life and kind of zoned out in my own little world, while my body disposed of what it didn�t want. I get up from the seat, and I step in some liquid, unbenouced to me, my body apparently leaked. So in the moment of embarrassment between God and myself, I look down at my pant leg, and it is completely soaked with urine, yay for me. How on earth did I do this? I ask my self. I still have no idea, but as soon as I took of my pants to take them to the washer machine, I open my door (while standing in my boxers) and I heard my roommates voice (I wasn�t aware anybody was home) and then I see his girl friend, and quickly shut the door just enough to tell them I�ll be right out. I quickly grab a pair of jeans, throw them on, and put the other �leaked upon� jeans into the washer machine. How on earth do I manage to do things like this.

Where is your focus?
I am your friend, why do you need to get on the defense?
I am a brother in Christ, why do you not trust what I have to say?
I am hurt by your reactions, I guess I misunderstand you.
I can't explain how I feel, but I know it's the truth.
My heart is hurting for you, I tremble when I think of losing you.
I cried last night, I prayed last night, I am here, where are you?

5 So make every effort to apply the benefits of these promises to your life. Then your faith will produce a life of moral excellence. A life of moral excellence leads to knowing God better. 6 Knowing God leads to self-control. Self-control leads to patient endurance, and patient endurance leads to godliness. 7 Godliness leads to love for other Christians, and finally you will grow to have genuine love for everyone. 8 The more you grow like this, the more you will become productive and useful in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

[2 Peter 1:5-8]

You are my friend.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

My Creed
Completely open to debate, interpretation, questions, and I can and most likely will change it.

I know Jesus Christ is the son of God; he was born of Mary a Virgin in the ancient town of Bethlehem. The reason he was male is because the culture at the time did not allow the education of Women, therefore to have a daughter of God would have been ineffective in that culture. I believe the entire Bible was inspired by God, but just as we do today, was filtered through the cultural knowledge of the writers, this is why it is so important to study the biblical culture so we can interpret God's words accordingly; this is why I read the New Living Translation. Jesus came to Earth to set the story straight, he came to let us know God loves us, and more than anything he wants us to love him.

34 Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. 35 One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question:
36 "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" 37 Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

[Mathew 22:34-40]

The person asking this question was referring the Ten Commandments, of which you can break into two parts, one part is about loving God and the other is about loving others.

I absolutely believe that if every Christian followed these commandments from their hearts, not because they want to please God, but because they want to love God, which in turn will please God, then the world would come to know Christ.

I believe that all humans have a spirit, some dead, some alive, and some stagnate. In order to grow your spirit, and become closer to God (because he is always calling us closer), we must make an effort to fellowship with other Christians who are stronger than ourselves. In fact, I feel so strongly about this, I challenge anyone who reads this to make that a commitment in their lives, get to know stronger Christians, and don't expect them to approach you, just like learning to walk, you must take the first step on your own.

~ to be continued ~
Part II

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

What am I to do
Where am I going
How do I get there
When do I start

Am I suppose to just sit here
I am more than this world has made
I refuse to be molded into the groove
All I want is to serve you

I don't want to be an idol
I want to know you and show you
It is you we live for
It is you we long to serve
It is you I want to honor

Blog Dreams?

So, I had this dream early this morning, in that "about to wake up" state. It was a dream about blogging, and I was full of fear. I dreamed that I was checking for comments, well I had comments alright, over 1000 on the two posts before this. But I was freaked to look at them, so I never did.

What is the world comeing to!

People are actually buying "Elivs" styled covers of new songs!? Yes it's very sad, late night comercials are the absolute saddest things of American culture.

I want to be president.

Well, maybe, at least influence our society and public policy somehow. I have always had an interest in political science, so I�ve decided that I�m going to investigate it a little when I return from Poland . Here is a verse I believe we should handle our selves as Christians in politics: "You have heard that the Law of Moses says, 'If an eye is injured, injure the eye of the person who did it. If a tooth gets knocked out, knock out the tooth of the person who did it.' But I say, don't resist an evil person! If you are slapped on the right cheek, turn the other, too. If you are ordered to court and your shirt is taken from you, give your coat, too. [Mathew 5:38:40]. This of course would be the first attempt to solve issues with people and create good relationships, instead of immediately attacking (by any means) we should walk by Christian principals, of course if our enemy begins to use us, then other actions are required. Shock our enemies by doing the exact opposite of what they would expect, but do it from our hearts, to actually serve them. Create a relationship in hope that they too will want to serve Christ. We are people, politics should be about the people, and the government should be in the people business.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Roomate needed.

Hey all you locals Eric and I need a new roomate. He must meet the following qualifications.

1. Be Chrisitan
2. Be Fun
3. Like staying up late, or at least be able to sleep through sounds at night (we aren't really loud, just voices)
4. We have cool friends so he needs more cool friends for us to meet
5. Be Christian

The only real qualifications are One, Three, and Five. The rent is $380/month and the utilties are about $60/month.

So yeah, if you know any fun Chrisitan guys out there, have them give me a call or email me. Click here to see the apartment and our advertisment we are going to put up at Cascadia.

Friday, March 07, 2003

Who we should be

What should we be doing as Christians in America? Stop acting like the rest of the world. Stop giving in to �the majority�, unless it is inline with Christ-like principles. But this doesn�t mean we should hate anyone who goes against our principles, what good does that do, absolutely nothing! Christians may hate the sin of people, because all it does is separate people from God. We should always work towards relating with people, understanding people, get to know them. We should not isolate �sinners�, instead we should relate with them. But now we have made such asses idiots of our selves, due mostly to the miss-understanding of who Christ was. The majority of Christians which I see in high places do not show the heart of God to others. They seem to have more ritualistic ideas than they do love for people. Unless Christ-like Christians become our leaders, we will continue to see our lives as Americans become less and less Christian. What can we do? Become educated in God�s word, love God with our minds, make meaningful relationships with people, love God with your heart, and do all your work for God, loving god with your soul.

I think we should change the world. We should be passionate to love everyone as if they were our selves. Being in the United States we have the freedom to do this, let�s do it while we still have the time. God�s plans will overcome the world anyway, so why are we afraid to stand up? We don�t need to put up with the liberal rhetoric, because we can rock the world with this simple idea, relate to everyone in a Christ-like way. I believe that is all we need to do, and many of the liberal �ideals� are actually closer to Christianity than main-stream Christianity, the problem is that the majority of these ideals have claimed them to be their own rather than God�s and have stripped them of the love of Christ.

As far as I know our national leaders have investigated all the opportunities for peace in Iraq. I have spent countless hours reading articles, and browsing through online forums, reading what people think and believe. What I have found is that former Iraqi citizens want Saddam to be removed from Iraq, because he is a power hungry leader who lives a very lavish lifestyle and does not care for his own people, which is exactly how he refers to them �his people�, not the people of Iraq. I wish it were possible for the United States to send in hundreds of thousands of Christian missionaries after we defeat Saddam, and teach the people of Iraq who Christ is, not shove it, but just teach it by example and by relating. I pray that this war be quick and efficient. All people, of the entire earth should have the freedom to learn about anything they wish; the people of Iraq and many other nations do not. They are limited in their knowledge of their religions and their government, because of this, these people do not understand us, and they think we hate them, so they hate us. We need to love them, and PRAY for them, and pray for Saddam, pray for God to use his people to change the world. Let�s have his plan come true now, rather than later, we are the doers of his plan.

I support our troops and government, based on what I know, and what information I could find (remember not everyone has the ability to criticize their own government) for both sides. The what-ifs of the opposition are not enough to persuade me to continue the nonsense the UN has been putting us through for nine years, resolution after resolution and nothing ever comes of it, we continue to baby sit Iraq�s government asking them to change, and they don�t. We ask them to change because we believe it is our duty to have a citizen ran government, you may think we do, but if we don�t show me an example of where they do. In the case of Iraq they have been aggressing the world with their weapons and treatment of people, and not changing those ways. But in order to have a democracy, the people need to be educated and know how to express what they find true, and have access to everything.

Please read if you read nothing else
I pray for God to help us and to give our government the wisdom it needs to survive and the passion and love we need to serve the people of the world. I believe it is the duty of the United States and its allies to educate the world. I believe it is the duty of Christians to serve the even higher duty of showing Christ-like love to people, not forcing our beliefs on them, but relating to them and serving them, and truly living as Christ instructed and lived himself. I pray that instead of war Saddam's heart would be changed, and Christ touch him. I pray that instead of War, Saddam and his followers would leave Iraq, and the Iraqi people would get to create a government represented by them. I pray that if none of those things happen, our troops be protected, and the innocent people of Iraq be protected. May God's glory reign.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Keep me from evil.
Protect me from sin.
Keep me from temptation.
Let your kingdome come,
let your will be done.

Help oh lord
Guide our leaders
Have your words be true
Come to us
I want to be with you
Use me

I know you are everywhere,
but I always have to look.
I know you are with me,
but I always have to feel.
I know you, and you know me,
but I always ignore.
But I want to serve,
in everything I do,
I want to serve.

My heart is screaming.
All I want to do is serve you in all I do.
Oh God, help me.

I scream, I laugh, I cry.
What can I do?
Where can I go?
Who can I serve for you?

Oh God, help me.
Use me.
Here I am, take me.

You created us.
You have taught us.
And we can only offer our lives.

I want to throw myself to you.
I want to bow down to you.
I want to embrace you.

So this is me, take me, and send me.
Always bow to you.
Guide me.
I release myself to you.

Orange skies have peace.
Winds have a presence.
Clouds show power.
Sunlight gives life.

Simple it is.
Life is all around.
Everything has purpose.

World thoughts will perish.
First will come trouble.
Love will solve it all.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

There's something about me. There�s something about me, something I�m not quite sure of, but I know it�s there. I�ll sing until all I can do is smile, I�ll scream until my voice is hurting, and I�ll tremble with discernment until I want to cry. Okay, so I�m emotional, but that�s who I am. So much goes through my head sometimes that I just wish I could upload it all to this blog, so you could all understand. I no longer have anything to hide, I�ve told it all, and it is amazing. I love my life now.

I just wish I would do more to truly make a day to day impact on the people I see and talk to. This is why I am going to Poland, not only to make relationships with people, but to better myself, so I can work for the Lord with out the fear I have now. I want people to look at my every action, and see something different in me, see God in me. I want to wake up with the energy and excitement of serving the Lord. I want to have the knowledge to answer the tough questions, or at least direct them to a proper source. God, use me, send me, here I am, take me.

Over the last few days, I�ve had my struggles (the usual of the lust sort), my up times (I absolutely love the worship at my church), and fun times (my friends rock, my birthday rocked thanks!). Even with all of this going on, I find my self just wanting to work for God in all I do, but I still don�t have the motivation in the mornings, and at work I have the same basic attitude towards it as others, and if there is an oppurtunity to mention my Christ-based ideas, I wimp out. This is incredibly frustrating and upsetting, everyday I come home feeling like a letdown. I know that God works in all kind of ways, and that just because people are not directly talking to me, doesn�t mean I�m not having an affect on those people, but I would really like to see some evidence, maybe I need to look harder.

This is where I am, come meet with me, fill me up, give me the motivation to at least be at work on time and work to my fullest and for you in everything I do.
So be it.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

This is Your Life

Yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead
Yesterday is a promise that you've broken
Don't close your eyes
Don't close your eyes

This is your life and today is all you've got now
And today is all you'll ever have
Don't close your eyes
Don't close your eyes

This is your life
Are you who you want to be
This is your life
Are you who you want to be
This is your life
Is it everything you've dreamed it would be
When the world was younger
and you had everything to lose

Don't close your eyes
Don't close your eyes

Yesterday is a kid in the corner
Yesterday is dead and over

This is your life
Are you who you want to be
This is your life
Are you who you want to be
This is your life
is it everything you've dreamed it would be
when the world was younger
and you had everything to lose

Don't close your eyes
Don't close your eyes

//Switchfoot: This is your life//

I am absolutely moved by these lyrics. I do not know what else to do. Read through them, think, and be moved. They will change this world, they will rock this world. Jesus Rocks.

The Beautiful Letdown

It was a beautiful letdown
When I crashed and burned
When I found myself alone, unknown and hurt
It was a beautiful letdown
The day I knew,
That all the riches this world had to offer me will never do.

In a world full of bitter pain,
and bitter doubts,
I was trying so hard to fit in,
Fit in, until I found out

I don't belong here (I don't belong)
I don't belong here (I don't belong)
I will carry a cross and a song
Where I don't belong
I don't belong

It was a beautiful letdown
When you found me here
Yeah, for once in a rare blue moon
I see everything clear
I'll be a beautiful letdown
That's what I'll forever be
And though it may cost my soul
I'll sing for free

We're still chasing our tails
In the rising sun
In our dark water planet still spinning
In a direction no one wins
No one's won.

See, I don't belong here (I don't belong)
Well, I don't belong here, I don't belong
I will carry a cross
With a song where I don't belong
I don't belong
I don't belong here (I don't belong)
No, I don't belong here, I don't belong
I'm gonna set side
And set sail
For the kingdom come, kingdom come
Your kingdom come
Won't you let me down, yeah
Let my foolish pride forever let me down

Ah, Easy living, you're not much like the name
Easy dying, you look just about the same
Would you please take me off your list
Easy living please c'mon and let me down

We are a beautiful letdown
Painfully uncool
The church of the dropouts
The losers, the sinners, the failures, and the fools
What a beautiful letdown
Are we salt in the wound
Hey, let us sing one true tune

I don't belong here (I don't belong)
It feels like I don't belong here, yeah
It goes like I don't belong here
I don't belong (I don't belong)
Won't you let me down (I don't belong)
C'mon and let me down (I don't belong)
You always let me down (I don't belong)
So glad that I'm let down (I don't belong)
C'mon and let me down (I don't belong)
Cuz I don't belong here
Won't you let me down!

//Switchfoot: The Beautiful Letdown//