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Friday, September 30, 2005

Ah, to be debt free (kind of)

So, the Lord is so good, but you already knew that. It seems I need a reminder way to often. Today I received the second (and last, for now) payment of my wages for my time in Seattle this past summer doing a temporary network job. It was a bit more than I had anticipated due to all the overtime I had to work. So, now for the first time since last may (which I know is not that long compared to others) I am free of debt (except to school, but that's an ongoing deal) and my credit seems to have survived somehow. I hate that when the weight of debt falls off my shoulders I feel better, I hate that I allow my circumstances to control my emotional state, this is so wrong, and I know that God doesn't want that, and that only the enemy wins in that situation. However, I am learning that by patiently enduring (James 1) times like this I'll be more free and a much more pleasant person to be around. The Lord's promises are what I should rejoice in, and I must keep my sights on heaven, otherwise I'll end up where I've been already, and I don't like that.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Vision is getting clearer

So I have this vision in my head, well I should say "we have a vision", but since this is my blog, I'll say I, until "we" is truly a "we". So, it is beyond me, it is big, and it will require good listening on my part. I'm going to do what it takes, endure through life when it looks like the vision is "impossible", and when I have it all written out, inform the world.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Intern retreat round 2

[This is a retro-published post, actually posted on Nov 12, 2005 - I wanted these words to be posted into my archives on the right day to line up with my life at that time]
Again we went to the amazing Oregon coast for our intern retreat this year. This time instead of each Intern prophesying over each other a lady named Barb Jackson came, taught, and randomly prophesied. It was amazing, and what God said through her to Alexis and I (we received the word together) is nothing short of amazing - we were crying like babies at the end, because God totally rocked our world. The rest is history:

When we go as full-time over there. That will happen. We are in training, and it’s been rough, the finances haven’t been right, but they will come, we will go, but not before we are sent -don’t go before sent… If we go before we are sent we will come back, bruised as in ACTS 19. The enemy will try to make us think we can’t wait (within 6 months), don’t listen to that voice, remember this WORD. Be faithful in all the training, in the right time, humble ourselves under his hand, and he will exalt us… God will Send us out with ordination and with supporters, commissioning, start with house church, evangelize the area, a few contacts will give us the hands and lift up the resources. God says we will be known in that place as the people with the word of the LORD. It’s not going to be a “regular house church” People will know they can get their needs met, physically, spiritually, word of prophecy over the people, healing, words of knowledge and wisdom, food, the vision will be. Churches will grow fast, split so fast, we will need to split into two… won’t get a building big enough…. Just a handful in each. Churches where his voice will be heard. We will know the time for marriage…. There will be a right time for marriage, God will unite us. Don’t jump ahead. TWO will put ten thousand… God has given us the green light the word for our lives, the time, and method are still yellow lights… caution don’t run ahead. wait until the light is green. Those who are over us in the spirit will tell us the green light at the same time we sense it in our hearts. Be cautious The enemy will try to stop us in our tracks. Just like the enemy tried to tell with Peter told Jesus not to go to Calvary… but the timing was right, the timing will come. We will have that green light. God says there will be nothing at that time he will withhold. John 14:12-13 – Us who believe on him… God will be accelerating our training, we will be stretched, and feel like we don’t have enough time… Burn the oil at midnight if we must. For a time and a season we need to push in… be obedient, obey, obey, obey 3x. God will take us both down to the third obedience, where we will sow our lives for those people. Sow our lives for those people, we will love them to the end. They will know the love… that love will require our lives. That love will go through our whole lives. Our message will be the love of the father’s heart. As we go forward in obedience to him… we will fulfill the father’s heart. He will say “well done, good and faithful servant”.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm not dead

Just so you know.

\/ + O = ???