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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Planning STRESS

So, yes I should have gone and looked at the details. But everything seemed peachy until today I look at our Honey Moon details and discovered that the ferry Alexis and I are taking (the only one on the day we leave) from Pula, Croatia to Venice, Italy gets to Venice at 11am on the 21st of July, which is the same time our flight from Venice to Frankfurt is...

There are two options, one leave Pula on the 18th (which means staying three very expensive nights in Venice and changing our Hotel reservation, another fee). Second, changing our flight to a later one on the 21st out of Venice (probably cheaper than staying three days in Venice, if possible). Pray that one of these works out and the money to make the changes comes through. Thanks!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just saying no

I wish it were easy to "just say no", in many ways. Sometimes people ask you to do things that you really don't want to do, just say no. Sometimes people ask you to do things that you don't have time for, just say no. Sometimes you want to do something that you shouldn't, just say no. Sometimes you do things that you shouldn't, so you do it more, just say no. Sometimes… No is the answer, but it isn't easy.

Saying no, is about thinking out the consequences first than replying. Saying no, is about living smart. However, people tend to go two ways with this "no" thing. One, they either never say no and are paralyzed that other people will say, do, or think something negative. Or Two, they say no to everything to "protect" themselves and use it to manipulate others into getting really what they want. No is power, and with power comes pride. No is power, but just like any power we must use it for good. That means saying no when we should and saying yes when we should. Communicating and thinking about the consequences of our "yes's and no's" is the key to living a life that moves with purpose.

Friday, June 09, 2006

50 mph, in 1st gear.

That's what life feels like, and I know that when life feels this way I start to detach from reality. Just three more days to go, and graduation! YAY.

Friday, June 02, 2006

I'm Fish!

You Are Fish

You have a well formed palate and a daring appetite. If it's served to you, you'll at least try it.
People are pretty scared of your exotic ways. But once they get a taste of you, they're addicted!

Going to see Les Miserable!

Tomorrow night Alexis and I will be enjoying Les Miserable at the Fifth Avenue Theater in Seattle. Earlier in the day Alexis will be trying on her wedding dress too. We have just over a month to go! Pray that we can somehow get everything in order, this past week I applied for 11 jobs, and so now I wait, and apply for more next week. Thanks for your prayers and know that we are seeing God in all kinds of things.