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Friday, December 29, 2006

A new home

I think Alexis and I are finally feeling like this house is really our house. I think the main reason is that we find our selves being totally content to be home alone. While we love to host people and we love entertaining, sometimes after a long week, it is just nice to be at home and do whatever you want. I find this particularly true with my new job, I’m dealing with people, customers, manager, all kinds of people in all kinds of positions all day, everyday.

The best part of this situation is that when we have people over or we go to a friend's house it is so much more fun and entertaining than ever before, a lot higher quality. Last night, in our young adults group, Sarah spoke about the twelve life lessons that God gave her this past year. One of them dealt with the idea that we do not have to be people pleasers, or buddy’s to everyone and their brother, even Jesus was close to just a few. Now I have “known” this but I didn’t really know it, because I still found myself affected by people when something wasn’t right, or, God forbid, they were upset with me. You know what, I just can’t please everyone, and others make the choice to be upset, as long as I do my part to always move towards resolution, that’s my responsibility, if they don’t choose to, it isn’t my job to make it right.

So, I am so glad that we have this place, it is a huge blessing, at times it seems like way to much, but times like tonight, I am so at peace and love God for it.