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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Alpine blast...

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Carol, Me, Piotrek, Denise - the Zakopane gang
Carol, Me, Piotrek, Denise

Martijn and Ellen are a dutch couple planting a church in Wroclaw, about 5 hours from Zakopane.
Martijn and Ellen - The dutch of Poland

A group of Foursquers on a boat touring Lake Lucerne.
On the ship

Swiss building on the lake.

A swiss village on the lake.  Yes the water really was that color.

Piotrek and Carol enjoying the view
Piotrek and Carol

A Swiss village in the Swiss alps.  See I told you the water was that color!

The flags of the Lucerne area and a big mountain.

Another little village it had beutiful waterfalls behind it... three of them!

Sheep near the founding place of Switzerland, what a view.

A true Swiss playing the alpon horn... They tried to make me play... I chickened out...

The flag at the founding spot of Switzerland.  Three men came together at this point and wrote a document declaring Swizterland a sovereign nation.

Praying for Switzerland at it's birth place.

A great little house on the hillside.

No one was able to tell me why the Swiss postal service runs the national public bus system....

My favorite shot... the weather cleared after we prayed... I thoght it was cool.

I'm starting a collection :)