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Monday, January 14, 2008

It makes me cringe

Late last spring Alexis and I were asked to be on one of our church's rotating worship teams, to be background "worshipers" (singing is not our forté). Alexis stepped down once she realized she was pregnant and the rehearsal schedule is pretty tough... for a few months I was just on an off microphone, but after that I was put into the monitors and given the tenor part to sing (there are two other guys and two other woman as well). Everything has been pretty cool, until last Saturday. You see, sometimes we practice the week before, and this week I was the only male voice beside the lead singer/guitar player. Of course that meant I was the only harmony male voice singing the tenor part.

Normally the songs we practice to have each part individually recorded, well we added a song that doesn't yet have that part recorded... guess who got to record... yeah me... SCARY, and HUMILIATING... but a good experience.

Every time I listen to the track it makes me cringe to hear myself, it's quite rough around the edges, a bit out of rhythm (due to being nervous I think) and at times a bit off key... not as bad as I had thought, but bad enough to make me cringe. The worse part is that the other guys, who have infinitely more experience than I, will hear this "master piece" as well and attempt to practice with it... oh fun.