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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Persecution in Central Europe

This kind of stuff happens on smaller scales all the time throughout Central & Eastern Europe, and sometimes on larger scales but never reported. Poland, at least to this point, appears to be more tolerant, however, there is still resistance, mostly from the established church at this point. Legally it is very hard to register a protestant church in Poland, but many non-registered fellowships exist without any government intervention...

Persecution comes in many other forms though, such as propaganda from religious radio stations stating that protestant churches are running Bible camps to brain wash their children... We've been on the receiving end of that one... not too much of an affect though, praise God. When I lived in Poland my roommate lost his job at a college because he was simply accused of "converting" or "attempting to convert", he simply was inviting people to our fellowship, but that was enough... poof he lost his job. Most people in Poland have begun looking other places, pray that they look at a relationship with Jesus.