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Monday, December 17, 2007

Come dream with me...

So I've been thinking about the future a lot recently. Dreaming of tram riding and central radiator heating as a part of every-day life. Thinking of speaking in a language far removed from my native tongue. But most of all, envisioning following Christ on a daily basis in Kraków, Poland (Polska).

Here are the steps we must take to see all of this come to fruition.

  1. Obtain our pastoral licenses which is a 6-8 month process that only starts once we are "accepted" into a position.
  2. Both Alexis and I in a 20-hour paid or non-paid pastoral "position"
  3. After two years of those positions we will seek "ordination", which in our denomination is for life, pastoral licensing is dependent on a position.
  4. Seek much language school and language learning during this time
  5. After ordination we will be sent
  6. After we arrive, either through invitation by the existing church, or a job opening we will seek to create a small group, or home church fellowship.
  7. We will seek a home, but fully expect to be in temporary housing for up to two years.
  8. Buying a home/apartment might require more time, but it is possible for us to buy now if we can financially afford it.
  9. Eventually we want to train up small group leaders to run groups in their own homes
  10. We also envision mission teams going to other Polish and European cities and beyond.
  11. Our ultimate goal is to see Polish people ministering to their own people with their visions, dreams, and holy-spirit lead ministries, in Poland and beyond.

Read the Wikipedia article on Krakow, it has great information, history, and pictures!

Also, here is an idea of what we would DREAM to have in Poland for a home. Of course the description doesn't say exactly where in the city it is, it's a pretty good deal from the appearance. But for the equivalent of $272,000 it's certainly a dream right now.

In Jesus' name let the dreams begin!